Product List

Business Challenges

Head hand 6DOF optimization, mass production tool development, UPH promotion, tool development

(VST) Video see through function optimization, effect detection and consistency confirmation

Balance between weight, ergonomics, wear, endurance, volume and heat dissipation

Solution Scenario

Solution Architecture

Program Advantages

Complete functional modules

Including gesture recognition, eye tracking, voice recognition, head and hand 6DOF, (VST)Video see through and other latest features are available for mass production solutions

Targeted customization

For different industries, such as tourism, education, medical, industrial, targeted product design, products fully meet the needs of the industry

Rich experience in design and strong development ability

Ergonomics, software and hardware development, thermal industrial control design experience, can quickly and efficiently achieve mass production

Strong ability of supply chain integration

Relying on the supply chain system of the group, the supply of mass production is stable and the ability to resist risks is strong