Product List

Business Challenges

Delay processing caused by transmission of audio and video data through Type-C line, especially delay optimization when doing split 6DOF.

The heat dissipation solution in a large-capacity battery environment ensures stable performance only when good heat dissipation is ensured.

Sufficient case feedback is needed for the design of wearing convenience and operation friendliness of split-type products in different scenarios.

Solution Scenario

Solution Architecture

Program Advantages

Complete functional modules

There are mature and proven solutions for the latest functions including eye tracking, gesture recognition, Slam, speech recognition, and so on.

Targeted design

Split-type products have been mature and applied in many industries, such as military, industrial, education, games, collaboration and other fields have targeted mature product design solutions, so that products more in line with the characteristics of the industry.

Rich experience in design and strong development ability

Rich experience in ergonomics, software and hardware development, thermal industrial control and other design, which can quickly and efficiently realize the mass production of products.

Relying on group resources

Equipped with professional antenna, audio lab, a professional heat design team, mass production of stable supply, strong anti-risk ability.