Product List

Business Challenges

Mature, convenient and easy to learn VR content creation tool, which can quickly and efficiently produce high-quality VR content.

Stable VR equipment, ergonomic design, excellent heat dissipation scheme can meet the wearing experience of students.

One to many VR teaching management tools can realize the centralized management of teachers' VR equipment for students.

Solution Scenario

Solution Architecture

Program Advantages

Standardized product design

Hardware standing stock, available at any time, mass can be customized appearance design.

Complete tools

Not only is there a classroom-friendly VR central console, but there are content tools that are easy for beginners to use.

High cost performance

Relying on Yidao Group's more than 20 years of supply chain fatigue and operation capacity accumulation, high-quality supply chain escort.

Mature system solutions

Large-scale VR education projects have been implemented in both domestic and foreign education fields