Product List

Development History

EmdoorVR subsidiary was established, and the R&D & operation team was successfully established
The world's first separated VR based on Intel master chip was exhibited at Computex Taipei 2016
To start the "VR/AR Summit" cooperation project with Global Resources.
January 2017
We successfully obtained an order from Walmart in the United States, and the shipped products almost covered all projects of EmdoorVR in 2017, from mobile VR all-in-one machine to PC VR, which was the largest VR product order in Shenzhen market that year.
March 2017
EmdoorVR Technology Co., Ltd. was established on December 23, 2015, and its registered address is located on the eighth floor of Building 2, Chungu
April 2018
Held a new product press conference in Hong Kong Electronics Show together with Quanzhi: the first to release the thousand-yuan VR9 VR all-in-one machine.
July 2018
Serving international and domestic top VR/AR manufacturers, including Microsoft, JDI, ESI, Mouse, Ximmerse, Pacific Future, IQiyi......
May 2019
Adventure 2S successfully launched in iQiyi Conference, and shipped tens of K in just a few months. The 99% favorable rate of Jingdong ranked first among all the companies
June 2019
MWC and ZTE 5G project, ODM VR all-in-one machine project
January 2020
A number of new XR proposals were on display at CES
February 2020
Officially reached an authorization agreement with Qualcomm based on the latest XR2, and became one of the few ODM manufacturers in China that obtained both 835 authorization and XR1/2 authorization for many key Qualcomm chips, laying a solid foundation for Yijing to continue to produce excellent products and serve excellent customers in the industry
April 2020
iQiYi's first 6DOF VR game console 2P was launched and won the sales double title on June 18
May 2020
China Telecom released the first batch of cloud VR customized all-in-One machines
August 2020
EmdoorVR CEO Shi Qing won 2020 XR Top 10 Innovator Award
November 2020
EmdoorVR AR products participated in Wuzhen Internet Conference
January 2021
EmdoorVR B556 has been comprehensively promoted by EPSON
February 2021
Exhibition at MWC Shanghai
March 2021
Launch Party construction/science popularization/education interactive immersive VR experience products
June 2021
XR Business Value Potential of the Year Award
September 2021
December 2021
The 6DOF VR all-in-one Dream is officially on sale
Mature 6DOF R&D and production plan, the first MR machine with VST function was launched