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EmdoorVR 6th anniversary celebration held successfully - Thank you for having you, work together
2022-08-24 16:35:58

On the afternoon of December 20th, the sixth anniversary celebration of EmdoorVR was successfully held in Shenzhen OAO Art Space. The theme of the event is "Thank you, work together".

[Speech by Mr. Zhang Zhiyu, Chairman of Emdoor Group]

On the scene of the celebration, Zhang Zhiyu, chairman of the group, said: today, the universe has become a hot topic in the field of science and technology and business at home and abroad. Compared with 2015 (the first year of VR), when EmdoorVR was founded, all the investors, hardware and software companies and supply chain partners are more mature and rational. EmdoorVR is one of the few companies that have persisted in VR/AR track for 6 years and continue to make progress every year and produce in large quantities. At present, the market and the development of the industry are very matched with our pragmatic and combative style. As long as we practice our internal skills as hard as bamboo, break ground and insist on growing every day, the market will explode when it really comes.

[Speech by Mr. Shi Qing, CEO of EmdoorVR]

Next, Shi Qing, CEO of EmdoorVR, delivered a passionate speech at the celebration. First of all, he thanked the comrades in the production, quality control and supply chain who still insisted on the shipment at the end of the year and could not attend the celebration. He also thanked all EmdoorVR, Emdoor Group and shareholders for their long-term support. And special thanks to eleven hundred million veterans over three years ago.

Mr. Shi elaborated what EmdoorVR is a company to do? Three-dimensional near-eye wearable display products and three-dimensional space calculator.

Mr. Shi reviewed and summarized the achievements of the company in the past six years. Then General Shi made a speech from the organization and management level, on maturity and frankness, career and interest, integrity and innovation, thinking and action, each performing their own duties and mutual support, democracy and centralization and other opposing and dialectical unity of the organization and management issues to make an explanation, encourage everyone to be more tolerant and more enterprising under pressure; At the same time, encourage you to be friends of time, continue to do more meaningful accumulation, more innovation and breakthrough. In the end, Mr. Shi made a business plan and outlook on the 2022 development goals and future direction, during which everyone applauded constantly.

Then the management team, the backbone, the new representatives came to the stage to speak, expressed the determination to persist in fighting, constantly overcome difficulties and wishes for the future.

【 Birthday cake cutting 】

At the end of the event, the group and company leaders were interviewed by video. Zhang Zhiyu, chairman of the group, said: "I believe that after the accumulation and precipitation of the past six years, EmdoorVR will definitely grow in the future, and the future is worth looking forward to." Billion in product research and development director xiaobo hu said: "in 2022 we will be good services to our clients with a better attitude", hundred million habitat founder and CEO Shi Qing expressed optimism for the company's future development goals and direction, and encourage everyone to work hard, with the help of dongfeng yuan universe, with the company together to create brilliant, challenge your limits, create a better product, do time friend.

[Sixth anniversary dinner party, perfect color and taste]

[Real estate Tycoon multiplayer game, teamwork and Business thinking]

[Real estate tycoon game is full of passion]

[Group photo full of vitality at the construction site]


EmdoorVR company has been deeply engaged in VR/AR field for six years, from the early PCVR, VR all-in-one machine, VR short focus split-machine scheme, and then VR head 6DOF hand 6DOF scheme. All kinds of mainstream chips in the market, we also dabble in and achieve mass production. AR, we also for the mainstream scheme, including: free surface, vertical axis scheme, BB scheme, array optical waveguide, diffractive optical waveguide and other products have been published.

In 2021, Emdoor won many trophies and MEDALS in the industry as follows:

[In 2021,EmdoorVR won the Golden V Award for Outstanding VR Hardware]

[EmdoorVR won the medal of Qualcomm Partner Conference in 2021]

The 6th XR Business Value Potential Award 2021

[About EmdoorVR]

EmdoorVR Technology Co., LTD. (EmdoorVR for short) was born in 2015 in Emdoor, a well-known laptop/tablet computer/intelligent hardware solution company in Shenzhen. It focuses on the research and development and mass production services of NEAR-eye display and 3D space display and computing XR products. EmdoorVR continues to cooperate and support domestic and foreign excellent VR/AR brand companies and software and scene content development companies to develop innovative and energy generation XR products, forming VR/AR industry chain competitiveness with hardware and supply chain and production services as the core capabilities. Based on the research and development of VR and the 3 d display technology (from 2 d plane to three-dimensional simulated) and wear computing (miniature computer and related equipment reasonably distributed in the human head, so as to realize the wearable computing mobile computing mode) and other cutting-edge technology to the ordinary people, for the early realization of yuan universe freedom and efforts.

EmdoorVR  is also the founding member of China Augmented Reality Core Technology Industry Alliance. Executive Vice President unit of Shenzhen Virtual Reality Industry Federation; Shenzhen Augmented Reality Technology Industry Association vice president unit. At the same time, China Mobile smart home ecosystem, China Telecom XR ecological partner. And won the ODM of the Year trophy in 2020. 2021 Qualcomm Outstanding XR Terminal solution provider.

EmdoorVR's vision is to enable more people to enjoy the wonderful product experience brought by near-eye display technology earlier and at a more accessible price.