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EmdoorVR's new MR and AI eyewear products at AWE USA 2024
2024-06-24 14:44:36

From June 18th to 20th, 2024, EmdoorVR Technology Co., Ltd. presented its MR all-in-one products and AI glasses product solutions at AWE 2024 in the United States.


As a professional XR product development and delivery service provider, EmdoorVR's MR product 863 Pro, which supports gesture and eye movement, was honored to appear at Qualcomm's booth together with Meta Quest3 and other big manufacturers' products.

In addition to MR products, EmdoorVR also showcased its newly developed AI eyewear solution, which is equipped with the high-performance Qualcomm AR1 chip, and its main features include: 4K photo and HD video recording functions, combined with 6-axis acceleration sensors to achieve stable anti-shake effects, bringing users clear and smooth image experience shooting; efficient voice assistant function, which can help users manage and communicate with daily affairs; accurate object recognition and information display ability, which can assist users to obtain real-time information in shopping, traveling, learning and other scenarios.


This AI eyewear solution is mainly for traditional eyewear brands, AI technology companies and vertical professional field customers. In consumer, medical, education, engineering design and other professional fields, AI eyewear will significantly improve the efficiency and accuracy of work; in daily life, it will also bring users a convenient and intelligent way of life.

EmdoorVR expects to officially release this AI glasses product solution at the end of September 2024 to help the AI+AR industry grow. We believe that this AI glasses based on Qualcomm AR1 platform will set off a new trend in the smart hardware market and become an ideal choice for users to pursue a smart life.

The AI glasses launched by EmdoorVR in this exhibition are different from the traditional AR glasses, prioritizing a good AI Interface and linking AI is the first priority. The most important thing is to do a good job of audio input and output, high quality anti-shaking video recording and photo shooting, not only very convenient for content security sharing and AI smart terminals such as AI cell phones, tablet PCs and other AI smart terminals can be quickly connected, but also the glasses are very low-power with a long time to wear the comfort.

In the future, EmdoorVR will continue to pay attention to the application of AI and other new technologies to wear near-eye display products, and bring the latest technology to thousands of households in an approachable way.


About EmdoorVR

EmdoorVR was born in Shenzhen in 2015. It is a specialized virtual reality business segment under EmdoorINFO (SZ:001314), a listed company on the main board of Shenzhen under Emdoor Group. The company has rich global customer resources and channels. Since its establishment eight years ago, EmdoorVR Virtual has been focusing on the development and mass production services of XR products for near-eye display, three-dimensional display and spatial computing. Through close cooperation with upstream and downstream manufacturers such as Qualcomm, a number of XR/AR/MR Products of EmdoorVR have served a number of well-known domestic enterprises and global industry customers, and have achieved large-scale shipment, winning wide trust from domestic and foreign customers.

EmdoorVR has won the "National high-tech enterprise", "national science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise", national specialized and special new "little giant" enterprise and other qualifications. Among XR companies, the shipments are among the best. EmdoorVR is also a founding member of China Augmented Reality Core Technology Industry Alliance; Shenzhen Virtual Reality Industry Federation Executive Vice president unit; Shenzhen augmented reality technology industry Association vice president unit. At the same time, it was selected as China Mobile smart home ecosystem, China Telecom XR ecological partner, and China Unicom signed an ecological partner in 2023. And won the best ODM of the year Qingting network, the excellent XR terminal solution provider of the Qualcomm Eco-Partner Conference in 2021, the Excellent Industry Application Award of the Pension V Award in 2022, the VR/AR Business Innovation Enterprise Award of the Golden Gyro Award in 2023, and the newly developed A863 won the "Golden V Award Annual Innovation Hardware Award" in 2023. At the end of 2023, EmdoorVR was selected as one of the "Top 50 VR Enterprises in China" (27) and the VR/AR Innovation Award at the 2023 World VR Industry Conference. At the same time, EmdoorVR actively participates in the construction of relevant standards in the VR industry, participates in the formulation of a number of national standards and group standards, and is participating in a number of Shenzhen government virtual reality technology project applications.

EmdoorVR's vision is to enable more people to enjoy the wonderful product experience brought by XR near eye display technology earlier, in a more approachable way and at a more affordable price.