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FBEC2023- EmdoorVR gives you more more exciting
2023-12-14 22:20:42

On December 8, 2023, guided by Guangdong Game Industry Association and Shenzhen Internet Culture Market Association, hosted by Top Technology, China Optics Valley, Gaming Gyro, VR Gyro, Gyro Finance, and Gyro e-sports co-sponsored FBEC2023 Future Business Ecological Link Conference and the 8th Golden Gyro Award ceremony was held on the 6th floor of Sheraton Shenzhen Greater China Hotel!

Highlight 1: EmdoorVR new product debut XR& Meta Universe immersion experience area

This conference, EmdoorVR brought new AX162 and other 16 friends of the XR& meta universe immersion experience area, our products once exhibited caused a hot discussion on the spot, one day of the conference, has been concerned to support our industry partners to experience our products, after the experience, everyone frequently praised for us. Below is a picture of the scene.

Highlight 2: Theme sharing opportunities for Chinese companies in the post-Vision Pro era

As an excellent XR product development and mass production service provider for near-eye display, three-dimensional display and spatial computing, Mr. Shi Qing, CEO of EmdoorVR, participated in the future meta-universe ecology, co-chain value - 2023 Global meta-universe Industry core technology Forum, and shared the theme of "Opportunities for Chinese Companies in the Post-Vision Pro Era". We believe that Apple, as an industry milestone, has given us some inspiration in the display, spatial interaction, environment awareness, and spatial computing developer platforms, but there are also three bad flies in the air:

1. Price difference: the price is too expensive for ordinary people to afford;

2. Poor production capacity: too small to buy.

3. Time difference: Listing time is late, can not buy.

The fly in the ointment happens to be an opportunity for us Chinese companies, we suggest

Software companies are responding by:

① Step up communication and interaction with Apple, obtain more in-depth technical and resource support, and step up training their own product and research and development capabilities;

Chinese application software companies use Apple's advanced hardware to explore some new killer application scenarios;

The hardware company's opinion strategy is:

① Study apples deeply, learn but not copy;

② Follow up in stages and do subtraction;

③ Focus on Apple's key application scenarios, starting with the main and easy application scenarios;

We feel that the healthier industry principles are:

① Each performs its duties: division of labor, complementary advantages and industrial chain unity.

② Joint: hardware, software, content, brand channels, etc.

③ Win-win: Do what you are good at and be willing to cooperate and win.

We take the AX162 as an example, our technical expertise is: player + display + browser. The specific technology is as follows:

Our products cover a wide range of existing consumer electronics application scenarios, specific scenarios are as follows:

In addition to the To C program, our traditional strength of To B, we have also joined hands with the world's education giant ClassVR to bring education programs and products. Details are as follows:

At the end of the sharing, Mr. Shi ended with "water does not fight first, the fight is endless". A simple sentence tells us a profound truth:

To be a man and do things, we must be like running water, not to fight for priority, not to rush, but to be down-to-earth, and accumulate their strength bit by bit, in order to finally achieve what we want.

In our lifetime, what really makes us successful is always the right approach and sustainable persistence.

At the same time, not too demanding, not eager for quick success, with a normal heart to deal with everything faced, accept everything that happens, and strive to move forward toward the goal.

Highlight 3: EmdoorVR won the Golden Top Award for VR/AR Business Innovation Enterprise of the Year

The Golden Top Award is based on the annual and industry-wide product market performance, quality and popularity as the selection criteria, based on annual data such as online voting and expert review, and comprehensive industry data to award outstanding enterprises, individuals, teams and products, encourage practitioners to make breakthroughs, and promote the benign and sustainable development of the industry. After a three-month online voting and expert review to determine the winner list, EmdoorVR won the annual VR/AR Business Innovation Enterprise Award with its own strength.

FEBC2023 activity has ended, our products in the interactive exhibition area, Shi's speech also brought a new inspiration to the industry, in the 8th birthday of Efrontier, we received the best birthday gift of the year VR/AR business innovation Enterprise Award. But the glory belongs to the past, we will start from the end, always take the market as the teacher, the customer as the friend, and work closely with the small partners in the industrial chain, with our products and solutions to bring more wonderful to the world.

【About EmdoorVR】

EmdoorVR was born in Shenzhen in 2015. It is a specialized virtual reality business segment under Emdoor Information (SZ:001314), a listed company on the main board of Shenzhen under Emdoor Group. The company has rich global customer resources and channels. Since its establishment eight years ago, EmdoorVR Virtual has been focusing on the development and mass production services of XR products for near-eye display, three-dimensional display and spatial computing. Through close cooperation with upstream and downstream manufacturers such as Qualcomm, a number of XR/AR/MR Products of EmdoorVR have served a number of well-known domestic enterprises and global industry customers, and have achieved large-scale shipment, winning wide trust from domestic and foreign customers.

EmdoorVR has won the "National high-tech enterprise", "national science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise", national specialized and special new "little giant" enterprise and other qualifications. Among XR companies, the shipments are among the best. EmdoorVR is also a founding member of China Augmented Reality Core Technology Industry Alliance; Shenzhen Virtual Reality Industry Federation Executive Vice president unit; Shenzhen augmented reality technology industry Association vice president unit. At the same time, it was selected as China Mobile smart home ecosystem, China Telecom XR ecological partner, and China Unicom signed an ecological partner in 2023. And won the best ODM of the year Qingting network, the excellent XR terminal solution provider of the Qualcomm Eco-Partner Conference in 2021, the Excellent Industry Application Award of the Pension V Award in 2022, the VR/AR Business Innovation Enterprise Award of the Golden Gyro Award in 2023, and the newly developed A863 won the "Golden V Award Annual Innovation Hardware Award" in 2023. At the end of 2023, EmdoorVR was selected as one of the "Top 50 VR Enterprises in China" (27) and the VR/AR Innovation Award at the 2023 World VR Industry Conference. At the same time, EmdoorVR actively participates in the construction of relevant standards in the VR industry, participates in the formulation of a number of national standards and group standards, and is participating in a number of Shenzhen government virtual reality technology project applications.

EmdoorVR's vision is to enable more people to enjoy the wonderful product experience brought by XR near eye display technology earlier, in a more approachable way and at a more affordable price.