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EmdoorVR will bring MR New products to the 2023 Hong Kong Global Autumn Electronics Show
2023-12-14 20:15:36

From October 18 to 21, 2023,EmdoorVR will bring MR New products to Hong Kong Global Sources Mobile Electronics Exhibition, welcome global buyers to choose products and cooperate to promote. The exhibition is one of the world's best consumer electronics procurement exhibition, bringing together high-quality OEM/ODM manufacturing suppliers in China and Asia, providing a one-stop procurement platform for consumer electronics, computer peripherals, e-sports games, automotive electronics, outdoor electronics, audio-visual and electronic parts products for medium and large buyers in the world. Digital online and offline all-round promotion and display of the latest and most popular electronic products with characteristic design, is the exhibition of cutting-edge technology landing of consumer electronics products.


The fate of EmdoorVR and Hong Kong Global Electronics Exhibition

In fact, we have a lot of luck with the Hong Kong Electronics Fair. In December 2015, the first year of VR, our EmdoorVR was established. In 2016, we organized and participated in the VR/AR/MR Ecological Summit Forum held at the same time of the autumn exhibition, and we were honored to share the theme of "cost-effective VR product development Trend" as a representative of Chinese enterprises. At that time, we also harvested the big coffee in the industry chain including Global Resources, Unity, Intel, AMD and so on to share their judgment on the future trend through their different perspectives. Since its birth in 2015,EmdoorVR has also put the first overseas show of its latest products on the Hong Kong Global Sources Electronics Show, this year is the 20th anniversary of Global Resources Hong Kong Exhibition, and also the 7th year of cooperation with EmdoorVR, we also wish our iron friend of 20 years - Global Resources Hong Kong happy birthday, hope that the next 20 years will be better for all of us.



New - Cost-effective entry-level MR Products

The new product we bring this time is an entry-level MR Product with high cost performance. It is an entry-level product based on Vision Pro, which will be produced by Apple next year. It is similar to Vision  SE.EmdoorVR is still doing what we have always adhered to - "making cutting-edge technology more approachable". Start with an entry-level MR Headset. We have analyzed the following four differences between us and Apple Pro products, as our entry point: positioning, price, time, and capacity.

Poor positioning: Our product definition is entry-level, covering basic functional scenarios, and the customer group is the general population around the world who are interested in technology but do not have a budget of several thousand dollars. Apple is positioned as a high-end group of designers and tech enthusiasts with deep pockets.

Price difference: The Apple product is 3499 USD, which is about 30,000 RMB with tax or other fees. The final selling price of our customer should be less than 200 USD.

Time difference : Because of the running-in problem of the production process yield and other industrial chains, Apple will be listed in the first quarter of 2024 at the earliest, and the first step is only limited in the United States, and it may be listed in other countries until the third quarter of next year. But our product will be available to customers in October.

Poor production capacity : Because Apple takes the high-end luxury route, the yield and supply chain run-in still need to cooperate, the most pessimistic view of the current annual shipment is only 150-300,000, I am afraid that the guests who can really use Vision Pro are one in ten thousand. With mature technology and sufficient stock, we can receive the order this month.


Highlights of MR New products:

1. Reliable Qualcomm MR Solutions: Qualcomm XR chip technology brings users an immersive, seamless virtual reality experience with superior performance, low power consumption and unmatched accuracy;

2. Break through the boundaries, beyond the reality: VST technology seamlessly integrates digital content with reality, improves security, and creates a natural and comfortable feeling for users;

3.3D stereo shooting: achieve a more realistic and immersive virtual reality experience through accurate 3D capture, and record the warm moment seen by the eyes with one click;

4.2D/3D video viewing, smart office, seamless switching: multi-screen function improves productivity, makes entertainment and work more intelligent and efficient, meets different application needs, and easily switches multiple applications;

5. Comfortable wear, innovative design: based on ergonomics, to ensure long-term wear comfort, every detail is carefully considered, bring unparalleled immersion.


MR New category is here. - Action is better than action

Finally, from October 18 to 21, EmdoorVR's MR Products will be unveiled in Hong Kong, maybe you are choosing a new category to promote globally, come to EmdoorVR booth you can experience a new three-dimensional MR Consumer products, you must not have experienced. Action is better than action - Hong Kong. 5G78, Hall 5, Asia World-Expo, we look forward to welcoming you.


About EmdoorVR】

EmdoorVR was born in Shenzhen in 2015. It is a specialized virtual reality business segment under Emdoor Information (SZ:001314), a listed company on the main board of Shenzhen under Emdoor Group. The company has rich global customer resources and channels. Since its establishment eight years ago, EmdoorVR Virtual has been focusing on the development and mass production services of XR products for near-eye display, three-dimensional display and spatial computing. Through close cooperation with upstream and downstream manufacturers such as Qualcomm, a number of XR/AR/MR Products of EmdoorVR have served a number of well-known domestic enterprises and global industry customers, and have achieved large-scale shipment, winning wide trust from domestic and foreign customers.

EmdoorVR has won the "National high-tech enterprise", "national science and technology small and medium-sized enterprise", national specialized and special new "little giant" enterprise and other qualifications. Among XR companies, the shipments are among the best. EmdoorVR is also a founding member of China Augmented Reality Core Technology Industry Alliance; Shenzhen Virtual Reality Industry Federation Executive Vice president unit; Shenzhen augmented reality technology industry Association vice president unit. At the same time, it was selected as China Mobile smart home ecosystem, China Telecom XR ecological partner, and China Unicom signed an ecological partner in 2023. And won the best ODM of the year Qingting network, the excellent XR terminal solution provider of the Qualcomm Ecological Partner Conference in 2021, the Excellent Industry Application Award of the Pension V Award in 2022, and the newly developed A863 in 2023 won the "Golden V Award Annual Innovative Hardware Award". At the end of 2023, EmdoorVR was selected as one of the "Top 50 VR Enterprises in China" (27) and the VR/AR Innovation Award at the 2023 World VR Industry Conference. At the same time, EmdoorVR actively participates in the construction of relevant standards in the VR industry, participates in the formulation of a number of national standards and group standards, and is participating in a number of Shenzhen government virtual reality technology project applications.

EmdoorVR's vision is to enable more people to enjoy the wonderful product experience brought by XR near eye display technology earlier, in a more approachable way and at a more affordable price.