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EmdoorVR signed a strategic cooperation agreement with 7Invensun
2023-06-25 14:08:36

Abstr: Strong and strong together, complementary advantages

    On June 20,EmdoorVR and 7Invensun officially signed a strategic cooperation agreement at the headquarters of Emdoor Group. According to the agreement, the two sides will fully integrate their respective superior resources and research and development capabilities, carry out in-depth exploration and comprehensive cooperation in product research and development, technological innovation, market expansion, ecological construction and other dimensions, and accelerate the industrialization and large-scale application of eye tracking technology in the XR industry.

    Chen Lin, Operating director of EmdoorVR, and 7Invensun Vice President Lu Weicheng signed the strategic cooperation agreement as representatives.

    In the product demonstration and experience center of Emdoor Group headquarters, 7Invensun's founding team experienced the excellent products of Emdoor and EmdoorVR in depth. And visited the strict environment of product testing laboratory, RF laboratory, electromagnetic compatibility laboratory, structural verification laboratory, optical laboratory, audio laboratory, battery laboratory, multi-sensor calibration laboratory and other professional laboratories.

    As the leading ODM enterprise in the field of XR in China, EmdoorVR was born in Shenzhen in 2015. It is one of the subordinate business segments of Emdoor Information (SZ:001314), a listed company on the main board of Shenzhen under Emdoor Group. The company has rich global customer resources and channels. EmdoorVR has been focusing on the development and mass production services of XR products for near-eye display, three-dimensional display and spatial computing for 8 years. Through close cooperation with upstream and downstream manufacturers such as Qualcomm, a number of XR/AR/MR Products of EmdoorVR have served a number of well-known domestic enterprises and global industry customers, and have achieved large-scale shipment, winning wide trust from domestic and foreign customers.

    Founded in 2009, 7Invensun is one of the world's first pioneers in applying eye-tracking technology to the XR field. Over the past decade, 7Invensun has continuously invested in long-term technology research and development and core intellectual property reserves for XR eye movement, successively created the world's first eye-controlled smart glasses, the world's first mass-produced VR eye-tracking module aGlass, and the world's first eye-tracking solution integrating iris recognition technology. It also pioneered an eye-tracking solution based on Pancake short-focus VR headsets and lightweight AR/MR Glasses.

    At WWDC 2023 at the beginning of this month, Apple officially launched the first spatial computing device in 7 years - Vision Pro, pioneering the deep combination of eye tracking, gesture recognition, voice interaction and other technologies to create a set of the most intuitive interaction system. This coincides with the concept of "eye-hand-mouth" multi-modal natural interaction advocated by 7Invensun. It is believed that the cooperation between 7Invensun and EmdoorVR, which has mature experience in the development and mass production of XR products, can bring XR products that are more in line with human space interaction habits, and such products are bound to become the standard equipment in the space computing era and enter thousands of households.

    In this context,EmdoorVR and 7Invensun have joined forces and complementary advantages. The two sides will combine market demand and shortcomings, work hard in technology and products, and work together to create more high-quality XR product solutions. While bringing disruptive applications and experience upgrades to B-end scenarios such as education, medical care, industry and cultural tourism, they will also create more high-quality XR products. It is also bound to accelerate the popularization of eye-tracking technology at the C end.