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The 13th AWE exhibition ended successfully,EmdoorVR XR products detonated at the scene
2023-06-13 14:55:09

The 13th Augmented World Expo (AWE) held at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Silicon Valley ended successfully on June 2. As the largest and most influential XR industry event in the world, AWE attracted more than 5,000 attendees and the scene was lively. EmdoorVR, a well-known domestic XR product solution provider, brought a number of the latest product solutions and partners' products to the official stand of Qualcomm and EmdoorVR booth B1148, which was popular on the scene.

(AWE exhibition site)

AWE exhibition is a gathering of professional players and connoisseurs, rich topics and vivid content are impressive. Especially in the awards session of the conference, many excellent teams won awards, highlighting everyone's ability and efforts, as well as long-term adherence and perseverance in this industry. Among them, EmdoorVR has also stuck to the XR industry for eight years.

(Emdoor Booth B1148)

(Qualcomm booth)

Three products developed by EmdoorVR were exhibited at the Qualcomm booth:

(EmdoorVR self-developed 6DoF MR Integrated machine)

(Rokid Split AR glasses + Computing unit)

(Teaching customers ClassVR 3DoF MR Machine)

EmdoorVR's new MR Product A863, based on the latest Qualcomm chip research and development, has become a highlight of the exhibition. This product is the latest XR product, using the latest generation of Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ platform, equipped with Qualcomm's latest LA1.2 baseline, support OpenXR standard; With the first 6DoF hand 6DoF, gesture recognition, eye tracking, VST(using double 1600M color cameras), IPD stepless adjustment; 2160*2160 dual screen HD resolution, super 105°FOV; The featured MR Wearable solution is more ergonomic design, solves the pain points of uncomfortable products for a long time, and supports wearable replaceable, meeting the rapid customization needs of many industry customers and brand customers.

EmdoorVR XR products have excellent optical display effect, excellent ergonomic design, stable and smooth 6DOF positioning scheme, attracting the audience to experience, immersed in the amazing virtual reality experience, and won unanimous praise.

Performance pull-up: Latest Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ processor

Thin and compact: Pancake folding light path design + ergonomic wear design

Extreme field of view: 105° super FOV with 4K+ ultra vision screen, resolution 4320x2160, 1200PPIImmersive: 6DoF space head-to-hand positioning

Virtual-real combination: binocular HD RGB VST

Application fields: suitable for office and game, HD multi-screen display, complex digital exhibition display, complex interactive training and other MR Scenarios

(EmdoorVR also exhibited a brain-computer technology exploration machine in the early stage of pre-research)

During the exhibition, EmdoorVR not only demonstrated its strong product strength, but also conducted in-depth exchanges and cooperation with participants and industry technical experts. EmdoorVR team actively listens to user feedback and market demand, and constantly improves product performance and user experience. These valuable opinions and suggestions will provide strong guidance for the company's future research and development and innovation.

EmdoorVR will continue to be committed to the research and development and innovation of XR products, and continue to introduce more excellent products to meet the needs of customers in different industries. Through close cooperation with upstream and downstream manufacturers in the supply chain, EmdoorVR has achieved large-scale shipments of XR products and won widespread trust from customers at home and abroad. EmdoorVR will continue its efforts to promote the development and application of XR technology, bring users a richer and more immersive virtual reality experience, and contribute to the prosperity of the XR industry.

About AWE】

AWE is essentially a community where XR business thrives.

Since 2010, more than 5,000 companies and 60,000 professionals have trusted AWE to learn, connect and grow their businesses within the XR ecosystem. Its mission is to help the XR community advance augmented and virtual reality technologies to further human progress. As the industry successfully reaches the milestone of 1 billion AR active users in 2020, over the next decade AWE aims to steer the industry to focus on our own core purpose of enabling people around the world to learn, connect and grow within the XR industry.

The AWE community is committed to achieving the goal of building a $1 trillion XR industry by 2030, while ensuring the result is a world worth living in. This inspiring community of XR professionals brings together:

end users and solution providers,

investors and startups,

Creators, developers and brands,

Job seekers and recruiters.

"AWE is still XR's best conference" - Forbes columnist CHARLIE FINK

About EmdoorVR

EmdoorVR was born in Shenzhen in 2015, focusing on the development and mass production services of XR products for near-eye display and three-dimensional space display and calculation. EmdoorVR continues to cooperate with and support outstanding VR/AR brand companies and software and scene content development companies at home and abroad to develop innovative and mass-produced XR products, forming a competitive edge with XR product design, supply chain and production services as its core capabilities. Eking is committed to bringing cutting-edge technologies such as three-dimensional display and spatial computing technology (from two-dimensional plane to three-dimensional simulation) and wearable computing technology (reasonable distribution of micro-miniature computers and related devices on the human head to realize wearable computing mode of mobile computing) into the homes of ordinary people, and strives to realize the freedom of the meta-universe as soon as possible.

EmdoorVR has won the "National high-tech Enterprise", "National science and technology smes" and other qualifications. In the domestic and foreign XR ODM company shipments ranking. EmdoorVR is also a founding member of China Augmented Reality Core Technology Industry Alliance; Shenzhen Virtual Reality Industry Federation Executive Vice president unit; Shenzhen augmented reality technology industry Association vice president unit. At the same time, it was selected as China Mobile smart home ecosystem and China Telecom XR ecological partner. And won the best ODM of the year Qingting network, the 2021 Qualcomm Ecological Partner Conference Excellent XR terminal solution provider, the 2021 XR Business Value Potential Award, the 2022 Annuity V Award Excellent Industry Application Award, and the newly developed A863 in 2023 won the "Golden V Award Annual Innovative Hardware Award". At the same time, EmdoorVR actively participates in the construction of relevant standards in the VR industry, and participates in the formulation of a number of national standards and group standards.

EmdoorVR is one of the business sectors of Emdoor Information (SZ:001314), a listed company on the main board of Shenzhen under EmdoorVR Group. It is an internal incubator of industrial capital. It was previously indirectly invested by well-known investment institutions such as Guoke Jiahe of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shenzhen Venture Capital, Shenzhen Baoan Investment Fund and Walden International.

EmdoorVR's vision is to enable more people to enjoy the wonderful product experience brought by XR near eye display technology earlier, in a more approachable way and at a more affordable price.