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EmdoorVR’s continuous efforts in VR, from Computex to CES As


The 2018 Computex in Taipei has entered into the second half, Shenzhen, where EmdoorVR’s headquarters is located, has encountered typhoon for a whole week with heavy rain and strong wind, while the sun in Taipei is shining. But the Emdoor Annual Computex Party last night (June 7, 2018) Emdoor Night Night (million) got the "enthusiasm" from customers, partners, as strong as the shenzhen typhoon day.

Through Computex exhibition, EmdoorVR showed customers comprehensive VR/AR product line, from low-end to high-end including Mobile VR (VR all-in-one), PC VR (HMD) and AR product line, as well as the functional product positioning both for consumer and industrial applications, along with flexible  

IDH/ODM mode of cooperation, supporting customization and batch delivery, which brings the customers more choices, and also won the praise of customers!

The development and success of VR/AR requires constant efforts and persistence, as well as support and cooperation from partners. From Computex to CES Asia, EmdoorVR has always been working closely with Nibiru, the mobile AR/VR system and scene information services provider, and enables more customers enjoy the new experience, and feel the VR/AR industry manufacturers' efforts and passion.

Even though, EmdoorVR has also been working with Nibiru on Qulacomm Snapdragon 835 solution, on CES Asia, we would be focusing on demonstration VR9 solution. VR9 platform is specifically designed for VR application, including acceleration module and display system, R system development platform, VR dedicated video & interactive systems and VR dedicated power consumption system. The VR9 platform can make the product less power consumpted, lighter weight, better heat dissipation and longer endurance. The platform can also compensate key frames in terms of the hardware level of the product, making the screen more fluent and supporting the high cost performance flash screen. At the same time, the anti-distortion and anti-dispersion functions can make the device without visual image distortion and rainbow color spot phenomenon.

This new VR all-in-one basing on VR9 platform in the model name of EM-VR01 is featured in the movie and industry application scenarios based on photos and video, which is a high cost performance choice. The decoding ability of EM-VR01 is very strong. It can support HEVC decoding of 6K@30fps, HEVC of 4K@60fps, VP9 decoding and 1080p@60fps decoding and panoramic sound. EM-VR01 based education solution is popular, and EmdoorVR will also serve the global customers with more comprehensive system, including hardware and software service.

In order to meet customers’ requirements, EmdoorVR also got another version with 5G WIFI along with millions of investment in building a lab for testing and ensuring the quality of products. And till now, EmdoorVR has been promoting to over 15 global areas and 20 domestic cities, and has achieved the first shipment.

EmdoorVR, as one of the leading VR/AR solution providers & manufacturers in shenzhen as well as in domestic China, with its own experience in mass production and quality control, with the help of a professional & high-qualified R&D and service, and with the pre-sales testing quality & comprehensive post-sales service, EmdoorVR has served many top-rated branded companies in the past few years and also won the trust and praise.

EmdoorVR Heat dissipation simulation diagram


He who travels alone goes fast but he who travels in company goes far. VR/AR industry needs us from the industry chain to unite together and achieve the sustainable development. EmdoorVR looks forward to cooperating with partners to build a better future. CES Asia, June 13th,  Kerry Hotel Pudong & Shanghai New International Expo Center, Hall N1, Booth No. 1302, we will see you there.


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