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EmdoorVR product launch & EmdoorVR in 2018 Spring HK Ele


The four-day Spring Hong Kong Electronics show kicked off on April 18.

At 2:00 PM on 18th, in the conference room 201A of Asia World-expo, EmdoorVR jointly with AllWinner organized a launch meeting of VR9 solution_the professional video application VR all-in-one with medias.

Based on VR9 platform, the VR all-in-one model is named EM-VR01, which is equipped with a 5.5-inch Fast LCD screen with a resolution of 1440*2560 and the refresh rate of 72Hz, which makes it better for users to watch videos for entertainment. In terms of configuration, the CPU of the EM-VR01  adopts the AllWinner VR9 chip. At the same time, the all-in-one is equipped with 3DoF controller to bring better entertainment effects to users.

VR9 platform is specifically designed for VR application, including acceleration module and display system, R system development platform, VR dedicated video & interactive systems and VR dedicated power consumption system. The VR9 platform can make the product less power consumpted, lighter weight, better heat dissipation and longer endurance. The platform can also compensate key frames in terms of the hardware level of the product, making the screen more fluent and supporting the high cost performance flash screen. At the same time, the anti-distortion and anti-dispersion functions can make the device without visual image distortion and rainbow color spot phenomenon.

This new VR all-in-one is featured in the movie and industry application scenarios based on photos and video, which is a high cost performance choice. The decoding ability of EM-VR01 is very strong. It can support HEVC decoding of 6K@30fps, HEVC of 4K@60fps, VP9 decoding and 1080p@60fps decoding and panoramic sound. At the exhibition site, many buyers experienced em-v EM-VR01 and gave high praise and recognition. Especially EM-VR01 based education solution is popular among buyers, and EmdoorVR will also serve the global customers with more comprehensive system, including hardware and software service.

In terms of the overall plan of product planning of EmdoorVR for 2018 in China, in addition to the EM-VR01, we also got the solution basing on Qualcomm snapdragon 835 in the model name of  A835.The A835 is equipped with dual screens with each screen in the resolution of 1.5k.At the same time, it is equipped with 3D sound effect designed to enhance the VR immersive experience. The A835 also features dual-fish-eye cameras that support the inside-out 6DoF function, allowing users to play freely in a virtual world. Also, the A835 is with delicate and high-end outer look design, it adopts the new ergonomic headband design, and the physical adjustment is convenient and simple, which makes it very comfortable to mount on users’ head.

In VR product line, in addition to the mobile VR, EmdoorVR also got the PC based VR which can  support the steam platform, the entry-level solution in the name of Spear-I can be used as PC accessories, and Spear-II, the higher end of PC VR supports 6 DoF, which gives customers better choice. At the service level of PC VR, there are not only hardware but also SDK for secondary development of customers. The whole VR product line including PC VR and Mobile VR has all pass the certification like FCC, EMC, BQB and RoHS CEC.

Of course, the product planning of EmdoorVR includes AR, which consists of the off-axis projection AR device to consumer, and the free curved AR headset to business application. The business model is very free and flexible, IDH or ODM. And also, the company also provides customized services such as VR, AR computing units.

EmdoorVR, as the VR/AR IDH and ODM which entered into the business earlier than most of the companies, is determined to continuously invest in VR/AR industry, and has become one of the best solutions provider with these years’ accumulation. And with twice of Exhibition in HK Electronics Fair, EmdoorVR witnessed the VR/AR industry from "crazy" of 2016 to “cheerless” of 2017, and then to “application based” of 2018, and still will strive for the glorious future and hope that together with more partners, EmdoorVR will jointly build healthy and sustainable VR/AR ecosystem!

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