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EmdoorVR attending the 74th Educational Equipment Exhibition


EmdoorVR Technology Co., LTD. (EmdoorVR) attended the 74th Educational Equipment Exhibition in west China international expo of Chengdu in China on May 11 to 13. At this exhibition, EmdoorVR shows the latest solution of the high cost-effective VR all-in-one and the solution for education.

1, EmdoorVR VR9 solution
VR9 based all-in-one is the product developed for educational video application, VR9 platform is with low power consumption, lighter weight, better heat dissipation longer durance, ATW, no visual image deformation and dispersion, and no rainbow color spot phenomenon. Equipped with 2K flash screen, it is very good to solve the problem of low resolution, image dragging and tailing which commonly existed in the market, and improves the experience visual effects. At the same time, video decoding can support up to 6K 30 frames.

2, EmdoorVR education solution
EmdoorVR determines to resolve the shortage of education industry content, long production cycle, not being familiar with operation and so on, hence proposes the overall solution including front-end video recording, seamless copy technology, video post-production editing techniques, broadcast control software, along with the VR9 based VR all-in-one. The whole package is flexible, and the four or eight sets of equipment can be moved flexibly, which can perfectly realize the reuse of resources. It is also with convenient charging mode bringing using convenience.

The project integrates the panoramic camera, CREATOR software and the central control system.
CREATOR software is a VR content production tool for non-technical personnel, which mainly includes two platform editing functions for panoramic roaming and panoramic video. The process is clear and simple and easy to operate. It can help users to create the content of VR demo quickly. Supporting common media file format and the rich interactive design let creators not subject to material restrictions, and is able to satisfy various industry VR demonstration application scenario requirements.

This set of VR control system via LAN connection enables people to watch the video, courseware, pictures or application scenario at the same time, and can be widely used in movie theaters, schools, and companies in various fields, besides, additional system can support up to 200 devices at the same time.
The central control system integrates the functions of content management platform and controlling over play and pause and stop, and combines the existing mobile VR technology to realize multi-scene broadcast control and multi-scene application of virtual reality technology.

About EmdoorVR
EmdoorVR Technology Co., Ltd. ( hereinafter referred to as EmdoorVR ) was founded in December of 2015, focusing on the research &development and manufacturing of virtual display equipment such as HMD, All-in-one, AR, and AR computing unit, which is another subsidiary of Emdoor Group in the field of the newly-booming. With the good public praise and reputation, EmdoorVR continuously cooperates and supports the developers to present VR content, and also supports the outstanding OEM with branded and highly qualified products at home and abroad, in order to achieve the hardware platform competitiveness in VR industry chain with the core ability of hardware equipment in medium and long time.

About Emdoor Group
Emdoor Group was firstly established in 2002, the earliest high-tech company engaged in the development of embedded products, and also one of the biggest companies domestically providing industrial customization and terminal products solutions, which has been developed to with more than 800 employees in R&D team. Emdoor Group consists of 6 subsidiaries, such as Emdoor Electronics (in software agent business with offices set up in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen), Emdoor Digital (in the R&D, developing and sales of consumer tablet PC), Emdoor Information (in the R&D, developing and sales of industrial tablet PC), and Emdoor VR (in the R&D and manufacturing of VR/AR), E-MAGA (in the business of IOT), Vinsdom ( the assembling factory).
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