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Emdoor 15th anniversary celebration

《opening article》
        “The world situation out of my generation, a reminder to the corners of the years.
        Imperial map dominance joke, the very life of a drunk.”
          A colleague praise Emdoor 15th anniversary in such a poem , Emdoor workers must make this a drunk come true. In July 1, 1997, the day of Hongkong's return to the motherland was 20th anniversary, and it was our country's strong 20th Anniversary. The fate of the country, the fate of the enterprise, personal fate, in July 2002 3 founders began writing million million pages, to 15th anniversary today; 15 years emdoor also followed the fate of the country development, today has grown to more than 800 people in the team. All the company has achieved a leading level in different areas, such as: emdoor electronic in the embedded development tool agent distribution is one of the largest providers of domestic, emdoor digital in tablet, 2in1, notebook solution PCBA shipments for 3 consecutive years won the Shenzhen white card industry chain first, emdoor information becomes one of the most Chinese manufacturers rugged tablet shipments. Emdoor VR also operates in VR field for nearly 2 years, 2017 emdoor in IOT and special industries were set up emdoor internet and national science emdoor new company, on the basis of this precipitation emdoor continue to maintain the spirit of entrepreneurship, 15 years of the new starting point, a new dream, we will be more a new attitude toward the future.
         "Crazy summer, crazy Zootopia, 15th anniversary " celebration in June 30, 2017 -July 1, in Zhuhai Changlong city was successfully held. Emdoor like a fifteenth boy, is a young, active, stepping mature years, in thisemdoor will seize the opportunityindustrial restructuring, in thin notebook, rugged products, VR, networking and other fields with more outstanding achievements to the future.
《Funny sign 》
     The best team of collection activities, the theme of animal in each team to create their own unique style.
《Award-winning glory》
     5 years, 10 years employee award ceremony, 5 years was a member of Tissot, 10 employees to receive gold coin.
And 15th anniversary basketball Awards
《Stage program》
Dancing, singing, games and other activities.

《A tour day in ocean kingdom》

      About emdoor group:
      Established in 2002, currently has more than 400 R&D team,involving 5 business modules: development tool agent distribution, consumer electronics (tablet, laptop), mobile terminal (rugged products, business advertising, industrial control), virtual reality (VR/AR/MR), Internet cloud services (Microsoft cloud, ARM cloud) is the earliest in the embedded product development of high-tech companies, is also one of the largest tablet, industry customized and terminal products company. The group's plan emdoor haveemdoor electronic in embedded development tools of agentand distribution; Emdoor digital in tablet, 2in1, design and development of notebook; Emdoor information in rugged products, digital business, design and development of Microsoft cloud; Emdoor VR engaged in VR/AR/MR of R & D and manufacturing industry;The National Science emdoor focused on industry special field; Emdoor Internet create the wisdom of life as the goal, to LoRa communications technology, LoRaWAN protocol and cloud internet based products, solutions, data providers.
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