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EmdoorVR: Top 10 Hardware award in CITE2017

          On 4/11, 2017, during 2017CITE, the Global VR/AR developer summit co-hosted by Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and Shenzhen Municipal People's Government, organized by China MBA league and Shenzhen VR Industry Federation, is held in Shenzhen Exhibition Center.
            The summit includes 3 modules: Global VR Application Summit, Global AR developers Summit, and Annual Award Ceremony, and covers every link of the VR/AR industrial chain, from chips, VR/AR system solution provider, hardware, software, to the industrial application like VR/AR games, home decoration, real estate, healthcare, live broadcast, automobile, tourism, movie and television, education, sports, hotel, cloud platform and social intercourse, and VR marketing programme.
Shenzhen EmdoorVR Technology Co., Ltd. (referred as EmdoorVR) as the representative of Shenzhen hardware provider is invited to the summit, and its HMD products named spear series is awarded with “China Top10 Hardware”, and GM of EmdoorVR, Richard Shi received the award.

        The 5th from the left is Richard Shi
        The Spear series is the products that EmdoorVR has been working on from 2016, which will be shown on the Spring HK Electronics Fair of 2017 from 4.17 to 4.21, and warmly welcome all the suggestions and advices from customers all over the world. The Spear-II HMD is equipped with dual screen in 2.89” in the resolution of 1440*1440 per eye. It possesses the following advantages: 1, super light structure design. 2, IPD adjustment supported for larger people group. 3, Being able to interface steam platform. 4, providing SDK and supporting secondary development. 5, Direct rendering mode supported with lower latency and better VR experience. 6, Better VR interaction integrated with gesture recognition and tracking technology. 7, Providing Spear View, the management software on windows avoiding repetitive operation. Besides, Richard says this product is definitely in the best cost efficiency.

Spring HK Electronics Fair of 2017
Date: 4.18-4.21
Address:Hall 5, Asia World Expo, HK
Booth No.:5C01
The 2nd VR/AR/MR Ecosystem Conference
Date: 4.18-4.19
Address:Meeting room 201,  Asia World Expo, HK
Host: EmdoorVR & Global Sources
Speech from:Intel, MS, AMD, Unity, HTC, ARM, EmdoorVR, JD, Lentin VR…
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